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A young, aspiring, creative writer’s life is changed forever with an unwanted pregnancy. Faced with the most difficult decision of her life, Cynthia’s tells her story  through the pages of a very special, manuscript she’s titled,  Life Expectancy

Don Maben, an uptight, freelance photographer takes a project in Scotland, in an effort to dumpster what’s become a fizzling career. It’s the perfect gig, just one hitch; his klutzy Aunt Didid joins him, for her opportunity of a Scottish Holiday. 

A slave in pre-civil war era Mississippi is appointed the task of delivering, violently pressed slaves from the plantation he once called home. Mason is transformed from slave, to leader of a Mississippi Exodus. 

A tropical destination, wedding leads to a honeymoon that spirals when Rosa’s husband, Brock is kidnapped by a drug cartel’s militia. With no other option, Rosa leads a motley crew of groomsmen on a Honeymoon Rescue. 

Making use of different time periods and historical events with our modern era, True Fiction is a dramatic, anthology series of Biblical parables told from a modern perspective. Powerful cautionary tales of the human condition, put our broken nature on display. The series blends fictional stories with deep truths. 


Michael Taylor discovers real love has no boundaries, when he finds himself totally enamored with his neighbor, Lindsay. Despite his pure heart felt intentions, she can’t see their relationship them, going any further until…. it’s over.