Storytelling in the form of film is a desire that has been placed within me from an early age. It began with drawing and writing my own comics, with a friend in middle school. I didn’t realize I was making movies on paper, telling stories frame by frame. 

I studied Theatre at Auburn University with a concentration on performance, to study acting, in order to learn to take direction, so that I might learn to give meaningful and concise direction. A good leader must  first learn to follow. 

I’ve come to discover what has truly drawn me to filmmaking, is being able to create an experience to invite people into. 

A good story will take people on a journey of of exploration and discovery. New places, cultures, people ideas, and hopeful an exploration within. 

Images on film break down to light and darkness. The contrast reveals the image. My goal is to provide the light that reveals he one true Image. 

Film is such a powerful medium. I believe in responsible filmmaking, Understanding the influence and impact the medium of film can have on an audience, is vitally important