DUSTY MITCHELL - STORYTELLER   (writer\director)



directing influences:

John Hughes - Joe Dante -  Lisa Channer - Worth Gardner -  M. Night Shyamalan

Ron Howard - Frank Darabont - Mel Brooks - Ben Stiller

“Complex Minimalist”  Describes my approach to writing and directing and perhaps, life in general. It involves truly disecting an issue, person, relationship whatever the subject matter. Getting to the heart of it and finding all the subtle complexities involved that make for a truly rich story but within the confines of perhaps what may seem to many to be the most common of circumstances.  I look for the most in the simplest of settings and characters. There’s always more than meets the eye.  Life is about relationships, and those relationships can have a complex nature all their own. It’s my job to find what is at the heart and tell that story. I believe in a simplistic style of film, keeping it, natural, true and genuine. Characters are and will always be prevalent. The power of storytelling is a matter of perspective.  Less is more. Keep it simple.

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