Kingdom Quest began as a spiritual wellness journey. My soul had been suffering, and desperately needed restoration. I desired an opportunity to put all the entanglements of the world behind and return to relationship with my Father that I had allowed to slip. Longing for Holy Spirit to teach me, guide me, comfort me. I struck out with no intended destination, only the goal of returning to the Father and seeking nothing else, but His Kingdom. The experience that developed from the journey is what I want to be able to share with all who desire to understand this world from a kingdom perspective.

Two Wheel Therapy: Those who ride a motorcycle, understand the wellness factor of exploring the roads in the open air, on two wheels. While solo rides are sometimes necessary to focus on recalibrating, there’s nothing quite like riding with a group who all have the same heart and intention for riding.

Part of the overall vision for Kingdom Quest is Kingdom Quest Motorcycle Tours. Beginning Fall: 2023