Select Clips and Stills from past projects

Day 8

After a week long honeymoon, the marriage begins, and tension escalates. 

Mr. Psychiatrist

Mr. Adler seeks a quick fix to low confidence with the help of a therapist with questionable methods. It's all business as usual for Mr. Psychiatrist.

creating experiences and opportunities

film and tv storytelling experience and expertise geared for your advertising needs. 

Officer Wanker

If he is the first to respond, dial 911 again; things just escalated. You’re in for the unexpected, when the police officer is A. Wanker. 

Scent of a Sunday

From the “insert comedy” series. We asked, what if Al Pacino’s character from Scent of a Woman were to take the place of his character from Any Given Sunday. 

Rise and Rumble 

Four adult siblings reunite to decide how to care for their ailing, widowed and ailing, dad. In the process, they Rediscover the priceless lessons taught by their hall of fame football coach, father. 


One Sheet to Rule Them All. The all encompassing image that gives you and idea of the journey you are about to embark on. A good movie poster is is often a great starting point for telling the story.

Here are a few favorites from projects collaboratively produced by MSP


Like a fresh fajita plate from Applebees, this thing sizzles.