directing influences

Worth Gardner - Lisa Channer - M. Night Shyamalan - 

Ron Howard - Albert Brooks - Frank Darabont - 

Robert Zemekis - Cameron Crowe -  Tim Burton - 

Mel Brooks - Ben Stiller

To define my style and personality, I choose the term “complex minimalist”. It’s a style that developed out of thinking about things a lot, but not really doing much, and it sounds very intriguing….Less is more. Keep it simple. I look for the most in the simplest of settings and characters. There is a beautiful story to be told in the seemingly most common of circumstances, because there’s always more than meets the eye. Life is about relationships, and those relationships can have a complex nature all there own. It’s my job to find what is at the heart and tell that story. I believe in a simplistic style of film, keeping it, natural, true and genuine characters are and will always be prevalent. The power of storytelling is a matter of perspective.