The Pitch: Remember that actor the you cast, maybe forty..ish,  handsome, really great to work with, he’s funny, intuitive, great at making adjustments...well, he’s not available, but I’m positive he’d recommend me.

Full Time Adventurer

Real Military Experience

Weapon of Choice - Mind Bullets

Has Skills to Pay The Bills (excellent bookkeeping)

Great with Dialects

Able to walk right past a Krispy Kreme

Beardy McBeardface

My Wheelhouse:

The Peacemaker

Dry Witted Straight Man

Loveable Goof


Ht. 6’ - Wt: 178 - Eyes: 2 - Bats: Right – Throws: Right

Maximum Intensity

Discount Charlie Sheen

Ned Flanders

Carefree Dustee Dupree

Represented By:

The Jana Van Dyke Agency

p: 770.529.0655