Storytelling in the form of film is a desire and a gifting that has been placed within me from an early age. It began with drawing and writing my own comics, with a friend in middle school. I didn’t realize I was making movies on paper, telling stories frame by frame. I studied Theatre at Auburn University with a concentration on performance, to study acting, in order to learn to take direction, so that I might learn to give meaningful and concise direction. A good leader must  first learn to follow. 

Being a filmmaker is not my purpose, it’s a means for my purpose. It’s not who I am, it’s what I’ve gratefully had the opportunity to do. My purpose is to be a light in the dark, by knowing God and making Him known. Understanding my purpose, and God given ability for storytelling, calls for “responsible film making”. My approach will always be through the lens of a Biblical worldview.  From that perspective the world of the story can unfold with deeply resonating themes and an approach to characters and relationships that reveals what truly drives the hearts and minds of mankind.

I’ve come to discover what has truly drawn me to filmmaking, is being able to create an experience to invite people into. I can present a journey of exploration and discovery through the art of story and medium of film. As a filmmaker, for a moment you’re able to share a story and the world we inhabit from your unique perspective.  Although, I truly enjoy the entire process of filming and creatively collaborating with others. I’ve learned that it means nothing, if I allow it to matter more than what matters most; relationship with my Father. 

Exploring new places, sharing experiences with others, time spent in nature, time spent on two wheels, and quality time with people is and abundantly rich and fulfilling life in my opinion. I have small town roots, firm faith, steadfast purpose, consistent loyalty, and to balance it all out I do the lovable, goof pretty well.