This is what I do for fun. Being competitive is a huge part of my personality. Competing is what I do, mostly with myself, which makes triathlon a perfect outlet to live that out.  Because Jesus is my brand it gives me an incredible platform in which I can represent for Christ amongst the Triathlete community.  I’m always looking to improve, to get stronger, better, and continue to learn The training is wonderful for learning the discipline so desperately needed in this life to overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward. Endurance requires a mindset, being an athlete requires a mental fortitude, it requires changing the way you think about what you think you’re capable, pushing yourself past limits, and moving the goal post ever further. It’s regimen, routine, and focus. There is so much to be learned from physical training and applied to our day to day life. I take the opportunity to download directly from the Creator during these training sessions. Listening and learning. If I am intentional not only about the physical aspect, but the spiritual and mental I not only grow stronger, I grow wiser and more mature. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to train and compete, for me it’s a huge part of living to the fullest. What I gain from it is invaluable, and what I want to give back is the encouragement and inspiration to break through barriers. 

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