Ht. 6’ - Wt: 178 - Eyes: 2 - Bats: Right – Throws: Right

Remember that actor that you cast, late thirties, (lets just say pushing forty) handsome, really great to work with, he’s funny, sophisticated, great at making adjustments...well, he’s not available, but I’m positive he’d recommend me.

The Wheelhouse:

The Peacemaker

Dry Witted Straight Man

Loveable Goof


represented by:

The Jana Van Dyke Agency

p: 770.529.0655

Beardy McBeardface

More Intense You Say?

The Ned Flanders

Only looks like an average white guy.

Real military experience

Has skills to pay the bills (excellent check writing abilities)

Athletic Experience –Triathlete National Competition Level

Great with Dialects

Able to walk right past a Krispy Kreme

Full Time Adventurer

Weapon of Choice - Mind Bullets

Carefree Dustee Dupree

Discount Charlie Sheen

I’ve been labeled by some as an enigma, but I’m not difficult to figure out. I’m either super serious, or I’m not, simple really. 

Dusty is an Atlanta based actor known for his karate chop action,  devastating good looks and sophisticated and witty banter, to rival that of a young Chevy Chase. He’d like to think he’d be the love child of James Dean and Chevy Chase. (please just let him think that). Dusty is also a writer, director, reader, eater, and rock, paper, scissors champion Dusty has worked in film\television and video production in various roles for over twelve years.