Above all I’m a believer. My identity is wrapped up in and through Christ.  Understanding what that means gives me a lens through which to view the world, with a love and in depth understanding of humanity. From that basis the world of story and story telling can unfold with resonating themes and approach to character can be taken from knowing what is at the heart of man.

I studied Theatre at Auburn University with a concentration on performance, with the intent to study acting, in order to direct. A good leader must also know how to follow.

I’m a well rounded filmmaker. When I’m not training as an actor, I’m writing, producing and directing my own content, or working behind the scenes as a dolly grip.

Although, I’m passionate about what I do, it’s not all that I do, and it certainly doesn’t make me who I am. (see above)

Bikes in all forms seem to be a big part of my life.

I compete in Triathlon.

I love to get out and shred mountain bike trails,

which competes for time spent on a leisure motorcycle cruise.  

Exploring new places, time spent in nature, and competing in sports are ways I love to spend time and connect with people. 

I have small town roots, firm faith, competitive intensity, steadfast purpose, consistent loyalty, and to balance it all out I do the lovable, goof pretty well.